1.  Is God’s testimony (the entire Bible) reliable?
i.e. Can science validate/collaborate what God said happened/is?
2.  Does God want us to investigate his creation?
3.  Does the Bible attest to an understanding of reality as understood and uncovered by science? 
4.  What does most of the Data (various fields, studies, evidences, etc) point to or support?
    Which model(s) (creation or evolution) does the data fit better?
5.  Why is science catching up to the Bible?.

Our Doctrine
We believe all of scripture is God-breathed and inspired by God, and written by those chosen by God.
Our Beliefs
We believe that the Bible uses common language to describe creation, history and our physical reality past, present and future.

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Since everyone believes the earth to be round, a reasonable question is one of relevance.  Evidence is not hard to find.  Please look at page 40 of the Dec 2009 issue of the Scientific American magazine.  Above the cartoon with the megaphone you will see the following statement "One doesn't need to debate about whether the earth is flat or 6,000 years old".  He is obviously talking about creationists specifically and Christians in general.  Most Christians today believe the lie (that we used to believe that it was flat because of the Bible).  In the DVD we use the Bible (and history) to set the record straight that the Bible teaches a round earth.

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Many congregations are now realizing that science is our friend, ally and tool. 
Below is a largely complete list of categories that Christians, who teach, can use to present and defend the historicity and accuracy of the Bible.  The Bible references the major Laws, and Principles of  science, and the processes of earth & life.  There are many points in common between Creationists and Progressive Creationists.  The last two categories should have 100% commonality between these two and even with some Theistic Evolutionists.  Each sub-category below is a study of varying length and each verify the Bible in different areas and to different extents. 
The verifications are not proofs per se but they each individaully collaborate, substantiate, and provide attestation to the Bible and a superior fit for the scientific and historical data (best fit) than any evolutionary or liberal minimalist interpretation. 
I.Attest to Creation and God
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Articles and resources:

Science work "Blocked"

Christian, and especially Young-earth, scientists have long known that peer review publications or journals such as Nature, Scientific American, etc have a bias that prevents their work from being published.  The reasons for this are that generally these reviewing scientists, but especially the journals' editors, only accept papers that promote naturalism and Darwinism and reject Creationism.

The problem has also spilled into the purely secular arena.  

"Stem cell experts say they believe a small group of scientists is effectively vetoing high quality science from publication in journals.  In some cases they say it might be done to deliberately stifle research that is in competition with their own.  It has also emerged that 14 leading stem cell researchers have written an open letter to journal editors in order to highlight their dissatisfaction."

These kinds of allegations are not new and not confined to stem cell research but the problem is believed to "have become particularly acute in their field of research recently for two reasons."... "Firstly, research grants and career progression are now determined almost entirely by whether a scientist gets published in a major research journal. Secondly, in stem cell science, hundreds of millions of pounds are available for research - and so there is a greater temptation for those that want the money to behave unscrupulously..."The issue here is all about public funding because you have to get these papers published to be able to get your next grant. It could be worth half a million pounds. It can be difficult for people in that position to be objective."

A journal editor decides to publish the research paper usually when the majority of their reviewers are satisfied, but the allegations are that "papers  have been held up for months and months by reviewers asking for experiments that are not fair or relevant."

The solution for both Christian and secular scientists (and for the free advancement of science itself) would be to have truly open forums in which the comments by the reviewers are published and given.  Second, the operational science (the working and specific science) should be separated from the origins science with each side free to propose how this and other research collaborates the origins (Creationism or Naturalism) model.  Third, certifications from these reviewers that neither they themselves nor any of their friends or collegues will benefit from the decision or recommendation made.
Click here to see article entitled Journal stem cell work 'blocked'

The Scientific and Scriptural Impact of Amos' Earthquake
ICR by Steven A. Austin, Ph.D. *

The Bible is often regarded as a book of stories based on a primitive people's understanding of the world around them. As such, many people--and even some Christians--believe that it is not a reliable source of history. But science continues to prove them wrong. Click here to view article.

Archaeologists in Israel say they have uncovered the remains of the first dwelling found in Nazareth believed to date back to the time of Jesus Christ.
Click here to view article.

Article by CMI:  NZ Baptist publication demonstrates grave apostasy

In a demonstration of ‘fair’ journalism, a recent edition of the NZ Baptist ran a ‘debate’ over the issue of the meaning of the book of Genesis.
One article was by a six-day, young-Earth creationist, and the opposing position was represented by four theistic evolutionist Christian scientists who basically all agreed that both Genesis and evolution can be true.  There are several basic, fundamental flaws with any view that proposes a millions or billions of years timeframe for the universe, including a destruction of the very reason Christ came to die for our sins. After all in Mark 10:6 Jesus said that “God made them male and female at the beginning of creation.” A 15 billion year-old universe, with Adam and Eve only being created around 6,000 years ago, does not put them at the “beginning” of creation as logic shows.

Valuable lessons can be learnt by accepting God’s Word first and the secular science second.
Read NZ–CEO Adrian Bates’ report Theistic evolutionists “bewitched”?

Spong is wrong…still!

American Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong is well-known for his complete reinterpretation of just about every Christian doctrine. Yet he is amazingly popular and conducts speaking tours around the world in the very same denomination that his views would ultimately undermine. A brief article on our site shows the tragic, yet, logical fruit of such thinking. Spong writes:
“And Charles Darwin not only made us Christians face the fact that the literal creation story cannot be quite so literal, but he also destroyed the primary myth by which we had told the Jesus story for centuries. That myth suggested that there was a finished creation from which we human beings had fallen into sin, and therefore needed a rescuing divine presence to lift us back to what God had originally created us to be. … And so the story of Jesus who comes to rescue us from the Fall becomes a nonsensical story. So how can we tell the Jesus story with integrity and with power, against the background of a humanity that is not fallen but is simply unfinished?”  It helps to be aware of what is being taught in the high echelons of some denominations so we can readily counter such false teaching.

Read Spong is Wrong and What is Wrong with Bishop Spong?

Thirty Miles of Dirt in a Day
AIG by Dr. Andrew SnellingAugust 26, 2008

When God lifted up the dry land on the third day of creation, thirty miles of dirt fell into the sea. The remnants of this event, still visible today, remind us about the power of the One who “sits above the circle of the earth” and “measures the water in the hollow of His hand.”  It may come as a surprise to some, but not all rock layers were laid down during Noah’s Flood. In fact, the evidence indicates that more geologic layers may have been formed during Day Three of Creation Week than during the Flood.

In northern Arizona, the flat-lying sedimentary rock layers of Grand Canyon sit on top of tilted sedimentary and volcanic rock layers, sitting on top of folded and metamorphosed layers of both sedimentary and volcanic rocks (schists) intruded by granites.
Underneath these layers—near the bottom of the canyon—are many other layers that do not contain plant or animal fossils. Violent processes, including volcanoes and rapidly moving mud and sand, must have created these layers. Many tilted sedimentary and volcanic rock layers (about 13,000 feet [4 km] thick) sit on top of other folded and metamorphosed layers of both sedimentary and volcanic rocks (estimated to have been originally about 40,000 feet [12 km], thick).3 After these metamorphic rocks formed, hot granites from deeper in the earth must have intruded into them (Figure 1).
Because the folded and metamorphosed sedimentary layers, and most of the tilted sedimentary layers above them, contain no plant or animal fossils, it is likely these were nearly all deposited catastrophically during the erosion and deposition of Day Three of Creation Week.4
Click here for resource.

What is the relationship between the biblical model and the traditional geological column?

Please see Complete Apologetics section II -3 to see where these articles fit.

Click here to link  to website and see geology articles.

Bodie Hodge, AiG–U.S.  November 18, 2009
Josephus was a first-century Jewish historian with an intriguing history of his own! He served as governor of Galilee, fought against Rome in the first century, and was eventually captured. His surrender ultimately took him to Rome, where his captors became Roman Emperors (Vespasian and his son Titus). He was ordered to write a history of Jewish nation because of all the strife that had been going on in that area.1

But the history to discuss is not Josephus’s life, but something he wrote about. In his book about Jewish history, The Antiquity of the Jews (specifically chapter 6, which is reprinted in the appendix of this article), Josephus gave Christians a brilliant “stepping-stone” to the genealogies in Genesis 10.

Please see Complete Apologetics section II -5 to see where this article fits.

Click here to link  to article.

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Important Information about most churches local and national:

USA Today covers the results of a troubling new Pew Forum survey.

The survey reveals the level of “syncretism” in American Christianity, showing alarmingly little difference between Christian and non-Christian respondents on such beliefs as reincarnation, astrology, and spiritualism.

The article quotes Answers in Genesis friend Al Mohler, who says the study is evidence of “rampant confusion” that represents “a failure of the pulpit as much as of the pew to be clear about what is and is not compatible with Christianity and belief in salvation only through Christ.”

source AIG website 12/12/09
See new section entitled "Secular Wisdom versus Christian Wisdom" in the Articles tab

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Noah’s Flood and the Earth’s Age

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon offers some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world, but did the tiny Colorado River really carve this massive feature? Dr. Snelling explains the formation of the canyon in light of the global Flood of Noah’s day, not slow and gradual processes. 55 min. $12.99 retail. Find out more.

   * radioactive
   * radiocarbon
   * dating
   * methods
   * radioactive
   * dating
   * fossils
   * age
   * of
   * the
   * earth
   * millions
   * years
   * andrew
   * snelling
   * grand
   * canyon
   * Noah's
   * ark
   * geologic
   * column

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NEW 2nd Edition:
One Small Speck to Man—The Evolution Myth

Few people fully realize that to accept that we are modified apes requires us to accept an even more fantastic series of propositions. Look at a particle of dust on the table in front of you. Is it possible for such a particle, being composed of simple molecules and after existing for a few billion years, to join with other simple particles and to acquire consciousness - to ultimately peer down on another dust particle and to contemplate its origins?

Inherent in the theory of evolution by natural selection is the assumption that not only is evolution possible, but that evolution actually happened. In other words, spontaneously, without the action of any outside influence whatsoever, simple molecules dissolved in water became living cells, some of which became fishes, some of which became amphibians, some of which became reptiles. Some reptiles became birds and mammals. Some mammals became monkeys, some of which became apes, some of which became you and me. However, to question is the foundation stone of all science, and, only by being willing to look at the evidence objectively, and by being willing to challenge established dogma, can we hope to get to the truth of the matter. So, was our great, great...great grandfather an ape? This is the question that this book sets out to answer. This truly outstanding work is the only book of its kind, and provides a unique insight into the living world. And it will make you think. Hardback, 540 full color pages.

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The Shroud of Turin

There are a couple of very interesting specials on the Shroud this Easter from the History Channel and TBN.  Basically there are two possible conclusions.  Either the shroud is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ or it is a very masterful fake that has baffled scientists for decades.  The possibility of this can be an authentic artifact from the crucifixion of another individual, other than Christ, will be categorized as a fake because of the numerous details of the wounds found matching the description of the torture, beating, crucifixion and death  Christ as found in the Gospels.

Most of the evidence points to the shroud being a true artifact of the resurrection.

The biggest possible proof against it being true comes as a result of the 1988 C-14 dating tests.  Many have countered that the section taken for the C-14 dating came from a repair patch that was made in the middle ages and that this was why the results dated to such and not the first century. 

Part of the real story of the shroud comes from the unprofessional questioning by the media to get to the facts.  Apparently there are three different types of expertise needed for proper C-14 testing.  The first is to clearly describe and delineate where the patches start and end and to select a sample that was not part of the middle age's repair work.  The next is to clean any cross contaminated material caused by the two fires, handling over the centuries, air contamination at various sites, and the possible flood in Odessa that may have ended up on the shroud and section being tested.  The third is the actual C-14 testing with the machines properly clean.   More below 
Shroud of Turin continued

All reporting of the evidence comes from interviews with scientists who share their conclusions and little describing their methodology and less their limitations.  One such interview was with a scientist involved in the last two or maybe only last step-not sure from the information given from various sources.  What was fascinating was that he said that he was relying on the experts for the first stage to tell him if he was testing the original (or non-patch) part of the shroud.  Numerous pictures, photographs and schematics of the shroud available for viewing yet not a single one has the details showing specifically where the patches are, nor are there any interviews with these first necessary set of experts.  It is as if people were trying to cover up the fact that the shroud was fake or to cover up that it was authentic or the more innocuous possibility of extending the news cycle - not true science or true reporting.  The reporters should be clamoring for the details about the where the middle-age's repair patches are and what section was actually tested.

The next possible evidence against the shroud is a claim that a scientist was able to recreate an image like the shroud using acid and light exposure.  Again the claim is posited and little follow-up is made by the science writers as to whether it truly meets all the levels of complexity and details found to be present with the shroud.  Where are the pictures and analysis and peer review?  To be discussed next time.