1.  Is God’s testimony (the entire Bible) reliable? 
i.e. Can science validate/collaborate what God said happened/is?
2.  Does God want us to investigate his creation?
3.  Does the Bible attest to an understanding of reality as understood and uncovered by science?  
4.  What does most of the Data (various fields, studies, evidences, etc) point to or support? 
     Which model(s) (creation or evolution) does the data fit better?
5.  Why is science catching up to the Bible?.
Go to the Complete Apologetics section to see a roadmap for study and defense of the entire Bible.  Rom 15:4
Many congregations are now realizing that science is our friend, ally and tool. 
Below is a largely complete list of categories that Christians, who teach, can use to present and defend the historicity and accuracy of the Bible.  The Bible references the major Laws, and Principles of  science, and the processes of earth & life.  There are many points in common between Creationists and Progressive Creationists.  The last two categories should have 100% commonality between these two and even with some Theistic Evolutionists.  Each sub-category below is a study of varying length and each verify the Bible in different areas and to different extents. 
The verifications are not proofs per se but they each individaully collaborate, substantiate, and provide attestation to the Bible and a superior fit for the scientific and historical data (best fit) than any evolutionary or liberal minimalist interpretation. 
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Important Information about most churches local and national:

USA Today covers the results of a troubling new Pew Forum survey. 

The survey reveals the level of “syncretism” in American Christianity, showing alarmingly little difference between Christian and non-Christian respondents on such beliefs as reincarnation, astrology, and spiritualism. 

The article quotes Answers in Genesis friend Al Mohler, who says the study is evidence of “rampant confusion” that represents “a failure of the pulpit as much as of the pew to be clear about what is and is not compatible with Christianity and belief in salvation only through Christ.”

source AIG website 12/12/09
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